When Life Gets in the Way…

So…  If my fat baby, my job, and my desire to build Dioramas out of Peeps hadn’t gotten in the way in the last week, here are the things I would have LOVED to have written about…  Sadly for you (ok, really just sadly for me), you are forced to get mini bullets instead of diatribes…

  • UVA Blew a Lead that was Statistically Impossible to Blow - Indeed, it’s actually true.  UVA led by 10 points last Thursday against Miami in the first round of the ACC Tournament.  After 4 missed free throws, 3 embarrassing turnovers, and 3 3-point plays, Miami sent the game into overtime and crushed them in the extra period.  It was about as unbelievable to watch as you imagine it was.  Just bonehead move after another.  Simply holding the ball and getting fouled and STILL missing your foul shots would’ve probably won the game.  That’s how bad it was.  And to add insult to miserable injury, the lead was actually statistically impossible to blow, based on the history of college basketball games.  Read this article to see what I mean.  It was an unfortunate and sad ending to a basketball season that exceeded expectations in nearly every single way.  It probably also sealed the fate of the team not getting an NIT bid.  Shame.
  • Changing TV coverage of the NCAA Tournament- They’ve decided to spread the TV coverage of the tournament over 4 channels to be sure that everyone can watch every second of their game, without having to be cut away.  I like this on it’s premise, but don’t like it for 2 specific reasons.  First and foremost, they’re using TruTV as one of the channels.  Unfortunately, I don’t get TruTV in High Definition.  And let me just say that watching sports in Low Definition is NOT something I’m interested in anymore.  This is a huge dagger.  Secondly, I sort of liked being passed around to be sure I saw all of the great endings.  I know CBS will still do some of this, but I really enjoyed knowing I wouldn’t miss any of the “great” action, even if I had to miss some of the “good” action in the process.  But I recognize that not being able to watch every second of your team’s most important game of the year was certainly an issue for people.  Maybe it’s just because UVA never gets a shot that I’m not bothered by that.
  • Cricket World Cup - The cricket World Cup has been going on in India all week and while I can’t watch any of it on TV, I’ve been following the daily matches each morning on the internet.  I really believe the US would love cricket if presented in the right way as it’s really, really quite entertaining.  And I’ve loved the action including big upsets (England who?) and last minute heroics.  Just wish I could watch some of it on TV here, in high definition of course!
  • Selection Sunday - The NCAA Tournament committee seemed to do yet another bonehead job of filling out the bracket, even with an additional 3 teams added to the fold.  Teams with seemingly much better resumes (Colorado, Virginia Tech, Alabama) were left out for teams that essentially beat no one (UAB, VCU, USC).  Boy, I love this time of year!
  • Jimmer Fredette Can Score - Yes, there is a young man playing for BYU whose name is Jimmer.  You can’t make that up.  And let me just say that that dude can score the basketball.  He had been lighting it up all season long, but after BYU suspended their second-best player in a very unique and interesting scandal, he was literally their only offensive option.  You’d think could stop “only options”.  Oh no.  Not Jimmer.  He only went for 52 against New Mexico State the next week.  The kid can shoot, he can drive, he can dunk, and he’s got shoulders like Dwight Howard.  I’m a Jimmer fan.  For reals.
  • Charlie Sheen is Comedy Gold - In reality, I don’t have much to say in the Charlie Sheen insanity other than he is truly crazy, but NOT to be missed.  The things that come out of his mouth in interviews and on Twitter are truly pure gold.  I’ve enjoyed every bit of his meltdown the last few weeks.  We’re all WINNING with Charlie in our lives.
  • The Lakers are Playing Great- Despite losing to Miami, which wasn’t awesome, the Lakers have been playing quite well, with wins against San Antonio, Dallas, Orlando, and lots of other contenders since the All-Star Break.  Andruw Bynum has been the difference to me, creating a defensive and rebounding force that very few teams can handle.
  • Baby Comedy - The video of this baby tearing up “the bar” is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cds7lSHawAw
  • The Fab 5 Documentary on ESPN- Sunday night, ESPN had a documentary on the “Fab 5” - the 5 freshman basketball players who entered the University of Michigan together in the early 90s and really impacted the sport.  I sadly have not seen the entire documentary yet (fear not, it’s been DVRd), but I have read more thoughts about it than almost anything else on TV the last few days.  Apparently those Michigan boys had lots to say about those Duke boys.  I’d watch a replay if you can catch one.
  • And probably much much more…

Sorry I haven’t been around…  This week starts the NCAA Tournament, so you’ll be hearing a WHOLE lot about that over the next few weeks…

And I mentioned how I’ve been distracted at the beginning of this post.  Obviously, no one cares about my job, but I thought you deserve to see why the other distractions have been hurting me…

First of all, the fat baby…  Few things are as fun to be around as this little monster:

And secondly, we’ve been spending lots of time lately building our Peeps Dioramas.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Dioramas featuring Peeps.  The Washington Post runs a contest every year (read about it here and see some of the past winners here) and we’ve been dying to enter.  This year, we finally did.  Here are our superiorly awesome creations:

Angry Peeps (based on the ever-so-popular Angry Birds app)

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Peeps